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The Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel (Beijing Jingyuan Yazhu Siheyuan Binguan) is located in the Wangfujing commercial area and only 100 meters from the new Dong'an Market.

Featuring an ancient courtyard-style (Siheyuan style) with private gardens, this Beijing hotel was originally built in the Qing Dynasty as a residence for a high-rank official. Today, the hotel hosts 16 rooms equipped with antique furniture, broadband internet access, safes and refrigerators. Both Chinese and Western style rooms are available.[View Detail]
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  • lilian_0413
    Hotel location is very good, but very subtle, the gateway to red, extremely quiet, the room furnishings are solid wood furniture, than star hotels, but WINS in the scenery outside the window.
  • francoricco
    Very good
  • aben003
    Good location, very convenient, prices can also accept
  • liao3165
    Friends after moving around the environment is also good, very quiet courtyard. but the room is cool, moist, towels and bath towels for a long time, devices are comparatively old.
  • Donneyu
    Daughter has courtyard plot, so select has this between, Zuo Zongtang of House, hotel address too Rod has, on in Wangfujing side Shang, shopping super convenient, only insufficient is away from Metro station slightly far has points, but itself hotel on in downtown, taxi to where are not far, and now Beijing driver are very good has. hotel room very clean, bath supplies very good, sea fly silk, Shu skin better, Pantene, hot also very good, because is summer, yard in of views very looks,Sitting under a tree in the yard, ate breakfast, watched children, this feeling is felt only in the hutongs of old Beijing! anyway, satisfied + satisfied! next time!
  • eos403
    Hotel location first-class, out is Wangfujing Street. distance Metro mouth has must distance, walk 10 minutes around. from live of place go to Palace 20 minutes. with children go has more than 20 minutes. along views are is good, along moat go of. didn't car. This courtyard is Zuo Zongtang of House, is has old Beijing features. children is happy. breakfast varieties not many, but is delicious. fruit also is fresh. anyway good.
  • bi_rong
    Health super bad towel is rubbed on the floor directly on it, and have pictures to prove it! no feedback is reflected, like no problem, as management has a lot of problems, spoiling General Tso's reputation, wasting national resources! but because of not feeling well, was delayed about two hours checking out this service is commendable!
    The location is very good, near the Wangfujing Street. we three families, the kids had a good time in the yard, adult sat under the big tree to drink tea and chat, likes the casual feel. front desk service is also very good!
  • dapr529
    Hotels with history, for a variety of activities, not bad
  • xilaila
    Location is very good, I stayed in a Deluxe double room, room with officials. we are 3 girls, so two double beds together, enough to sleep. However, concave down mattress, sleep bad. If you want to get a feel 4 the courtyard, you can try.
  • jeffery_0815
    Transportation is very convenient.
  • colisai
    Location, quiet, health services are so backward, towel very bad, bed was very hard, Samsung level! value too low! a waste of such a good location!
  • gaillard13
    First, location is good, away from Wangfujing Street 5 minutes on to has. near eat also convenient, opposite of APM has many eat of. is said to have this is Zuo Zhongtang of residence, environment also good. room of area than those chain hotel big some, decoration well, is old points, but live courtyard figure of is a antique well. breakfast is Western of more, because more foreigners live of reasons's. General also is good of.
  • lostin2
    Worth a good
  • a way as
    Hotel is quite distinctive and elegant environment, come again.
  • Jimmy Ng
    Hotels in Wangfujing walking Street North and go shopping, play easy. hotel residence was Zuo Zongtang, vintage, courtyard is large. upon arrival in Beijing the wind, the corridor outside the room door has been ringing all night. the breakfast in the morning is not much, but enough to eat.
  • sundybjfu
  • Gabrlia
    Nice hotel, courtyard
  • leonjj
    Environmental good is General Tso's House.
  • dy1_21
    So it was worth it, took the kids and elderly sleeping bed for the first time, the children excited. market was quiet, breakfast can be eaten in the garden, the feeling is very good very good
  • eric_gu
    All right
  • linlin840912
    Former residence of General Tso's, experience is worthwhile, but poor living room in mind, similar to nanny renovation, and other rooms the price difference is small, cost a bit
  • Jasminelv
    Nice! very quiet, convenient!
  • ariatoni
    Courtyard is nice, location is good, parking is also convenient ... okay.
  • dingxin927
    It's cold,
  • bl7705
  • narutog
    Which is very nice
  • e00097257
    For ancient buildings only, and didn't know how to say it!
  • dongmaoju
    May be the winter cold not change hotel the next morning, pity, that heat might travel better
  • E03215520
  • daineco
    All right
  • jinxg_wx
    Very good, nice courtyard, quiet, go out the Wangfujing Street
  • April.Yu
    Lovely courtyard naozhongqujing breakfast it is West point.
    Behind location on Wangfujing, the 5th Metro yard layout I did spend over more than 700-a-night standard room in the corner, outdated facilities, small and expensive. called for a car to the airport, the driver had long since opened to find, only out of the hotel to the street car.
  • sweaterlj
    Location is good, from the Wangfujing pedestrian street close. Courtyard Hotel Beijing, is said to be the original TSO mansion in old Beijing features. breakfast can also, surrounding and convenient transportation, attractions, bus station, subway to about ten minutes.
  • flyswift
    Zuo Zongtang left the mansion, three into two houses, Gao Shuqing, very nice! very much. Wangfujing naozhongqujing, slightly beside some noise; Chamber galleries very delicate enough. but the backyard so quiet and broad, almost no complaints ... hehe. In addition to host brother wore red armbands scans open luggage as indicated, other very good. don't know is five-star hotel near Tiananmen Square would do it? or to nationalsFor foreigners, there are different?
  • dreamworld2000
    Winter travel, heating, three double rooms, staff also provide the additional quilt, no extra charge for breakfast, next time I go to also live here.
  • binliu_616
    Mosquito I company, still a good rest!
  • lenxue007
    Location is good, health status not flattered!
  • junma
    Hotels in Wangfujing Street, a street snack in the evening. Satin bedding only, haven't washed, changed white bedding, courtyard feel good ... breakfast is very simple.
  • tang137746539
    Hotel price generally live in the courtyard feel. walk in the yard in the morning makes me feel.
  • bonnie262
    Children, my son fell in love at first sight this place requires lived next to this!
  • angile
    Location is good, a minutes go to Wangfujing Street, traffic also is convenience, make in the take static. facilities certainly and star hotel also is has gap of, but also also good, courtyard is has features, is comfortable, children can in yard in leisure play. is April early Beijing sooner or later also is somewhat cold of, although room has air conditioning, but toilet no, bath somewhat cool.
  • elitewj2008
    Very good external environment, room facilities, simple, if you make something special would be better
  • focus2011
    Mosquitoes, so much, and only one attendant, j part-time cook for breakfast, stay cautious
  • Tample
    Well liked.
  • lulu880520
    One day is enough, such a price is good hotel. Wangfujing location.
  • D02996249
    Nice, quaint and Nice, it's worth a shot.
  • mcdouglas
    Staying first feel on very good, reception we of is a short hair wearing glasses talk like cat as gentle of girl, service very good, may because is off-season, so night sleep feel yard in is quiet, sleep of is comfortable, has home of feel. sanitation very good, bathroom very clean, is feel somewhat cold, have has been open with air conditioning, room bedside table inside has a this Bible, let I this Christian feel more kind. room in also has magazine and a basin bamboo,Feel is human. breakfast Although simple, milk bread and cake, but can eat full, and are is staff from bread room buy back of, children are are very like eat. second days of morning is that short hair gentle of girl shift, because bread enough has, and deliberately to we to bread room buy has many eat of, let we feel very kind, anyway live this two days feel really of Super rod, if again to Beijing must to live here
  • donne
    In General, environment