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The Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel (Beijing Jingyuan Yazhu Siheyuan Binguan) is located in the Wangfujing commercial area and only 100 meters from the new Dong'an Market.

Featuring an ancient courtyard-style (Siheyuan style) with private gardens, this Beijing hotel was originally built in the Qing Dynasty as a residence for a high-rank official. Today, the hotel hosts 16 rooms equipped with antique furniture, broadband internet access, safes and refrigerators. Both Chinese and Western style rooms are available.[View Detail]
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  • dapr529
    Hotels with history, for a variety of activities, not bad
  • lacy0928
    A very good environment was our room was a little bit of smell, everything else was good!
  • ELPage
    Environment elegant, historic
  • starvalley
    Very good location, just next to Wangfujing Street, very close to the attractions such as the forbidden city, shopping and leisure, take a subway up to Beijing. Courtyard is quite distinctive, and celebrities.
  • dongmaoju
    May be the winter cold not change hotel the next morning, pity, that heat might travel better
  • xilaila
    Location is very good, I stayed in a Deluxe double room, room with officials. we are 3 girls, so two double beds together, enough to sleep. However, concave down mattress, sleep bad. If you want to get a feel 4 the courtyard, you can try.
  • cutieting86
    The reception desk of the hotel waitress kindly. hotel environment to person. I prefer ... easy parking. worth living. nothing around the hotel. also went to Tiananmen Square. yard sanitation needs improvement. bathroom facilities need to be improved. overall health management almost.
  • lostin2
    Worth a good
  • Ltracy
    Zuo Zongtang House, can experience about Beijing of courtyard also is worth of. Jing Park ya built environment is good, Alley out is Wangfujing Street, make in the take static, Garden deep. experience has day luxury suite, staying Shi told due to alley of hot tube is maintenance, here has is fourth days no hot has, hotel provides plate himself electricity kettle to boil water bath. due to no hot of sake, hotel compensation has a disc fruit (peach watermelon), night and children in hospital in theTaste entirely different mood in the gallery ... breakfast here is good, and the child likes, under the shade of a tree in the family garden enjoying feeling really good, suitable for children feel the quiet old courtyard. Jingyuan courtyard as children say, 'everything here is good, I enjoyed it. just can't enjoy a hot bath bathroom beautiful'
  • ljjepri
    Hotel details all cheating, Suite, really just a room, the bathroom people frozen to death, take a shower, said three minutes of walk away from Tiananmen Square, actually 40 minutes to get to, didn't clean the yard health, children watch the flag of their home, cheated really thorough comments of praise really does not know how to,
  • figoleee
    Noisy air conditioning room temperature control is not very good!
  • Edward
    Worth living!
  • xiaojun927
    The location was excellent, has a courtyard feel, but facilities large hotels are slightly less, service was very good, breakfast variety was too small, price is not high
  • david80
    Friends holiday, booked a 2 bedroom, 2 evening, feeling good is worth.
  • davidouc
    We highly recommend the Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel for any traveler on a budget. Even though the hotel is not especially luxurious, the staff members are all very courteous and the hotel facilities are very charming. We very much enjoyed the traditional Chinese architecture and the homey feel of the hotel. Each morning, we had delicious home-cooked breakfasts. The staff members helped us book our train tickets (at no extra fee) and were always happy to help us find our way to major Beijing attractions. The hotel is also at a great location, with major shops and food destinations less than three minutes away on foot!
  • evelili
    Overall good
  • jamesway
    Which is very nice
  • ronnie119
    A quiet and comfortable environment.
  • Jimmy Lai
    This is the best hotel we stayed in Beijing, well feels like pure courtyard house, and in the Wangfujing Street on the edge of quiet. very nice.
  • wal1226
    A began thought is private of courtyard rent to do hotel of, but later only know original is State shop. courtyard is big, has before and after two a yard, location is good, make in the take static, night also can heard cricket sound, but out not to 3 minutes is Wangfujing Street; external facilities than room internal better, live here is wants to try try courtyard of atmosphere also not seeking to more good of hotel facilities has; service also good although people compared less but service in place; health also line.
  • e00121388
    Great courtyard, children very happy
  • Min119
    Siheyuan nothing special are antique, but great managers. the bad air in Beijing suggest or staying in a hotel!
  • ai_048139
    Good, good place for family leisure travel.
  • eos403
    Hotel location first-class, out is Wangfujing Street. distance Metro mouth has must distance, walk 10 minutes around. from live of place go to Palace 20 minutes. with children go has more than 20 minutes. along views are is good, along moat go of. didn't car. This courtyard is Zuo Zongtang of House, is has old Beijing features. children is happy. breakfast varieties not many, but is delicious. fruit also is fresh. anyway good.
  • besttaotao
    Environment is good, to near Wangfujing, make in the take static, Garden deep, ancient tree dense, environment absolute is full marks, is even live two days, two days didn't hot, big v innocent is pain, adults also can with cold water make do make do, children Leng two days didn't wash! most tragedy of last day even cold water also stopped has, even teeth are brush can't, very caught crazy! breakfast good, children like, in Garden in the enjoy feel very good, suitable with children feel old courtyard of quiet, second days to for has a between suite, Head a between for to family do married room has, but second between room apparently than first between small, less has a Zhang sat couch, but price didn't drop, last a day Garden of quiet was this wave married of upset has, everywhere are is people, is regrets, but if next to Beijing, also is to live here of, feel too good, children extremely like!
  • insiya
    Only look at ancient architecture, is not suitable for living
  • e05634405
    Service attitude is good, room is decorated old, there are mosquitoes, moist
  • woaimoyiwu
    SI he Yuan without maintenance! shame shame!
  • canxiang
    Room clean and comfortable, environment naozhongqujing, most importantly more convenient access near the Wangfujing shopping at any time.
  • junma
    Hotels in Wangfujing Street, a street snack in the evening. Satin bedding only, haven't washed, changed white bedding, courtyard feel good ... breakfast is very simple.
  • focus2011
    Mosquitoes, so much, and only one attendant, j part-time cook for breakfast, stay cautious
  • Anne0620
  • Laurence
    Position very near Wangfujing! good! suitable for shopping! General Tso House yo!
  • liangjun1028
    Hotel location is very good, going out is Wangfujing, go directly to Tiananmen Square. Service is also very good, we go next to the hotel at decorate a bit noisy at night.
  • BabyDandan
    Great location, Mong Kok, with quiet, travel is convenient, good place for late-night snack in the evening, the price is, nice one.
  • donne
    In General, environment
  • baobao9876
    Zuo Zong-Tang's home, everyone got some Reiki on it!
  • nicolet2011
    Very good location! to the capital of the popular tourist attractions are very convenient. near a lot of things to eat, grew up eating on the tall, inclusive. Particularly recommended, and live a long time guests arriving because the yard where there are clothes, to bask in the Sun in the morning, too rare!
  • explorer
    Good service good
  • cp4639
    Hotels a small number of quadrangle shape, eating convenience
  • joelle
    Behind the hotel location on Wangfujing, Dong an Plaza in the front, behind the Church, in a quiet, very good breakfast, reception helpful. health is good.
  • jillxiang
    The hotel location is very good! is convenient for those who travel, this is a winter environment no other season well, I hope I have the opportunity to choose this hotel!
  • Aermawu
    Next to the hotel is located in the Wangfujing Street, convenient and elegant environment, the old Beijing courtyard, Zuo Zongtang's old House! great hotel facilities, service attentive! recommended!
  • lilac1025
    Location also good, near Wangfujing Street ~ inside environment also good, is quiet ~ breakfast is big of, West combined, is delicious ~ but, waiter in registration staying of when, forget put we of ID returned to we, led to delay has we in Beijing last day of trip, into can't National Museum, phone asked Hotel Hou, clerk still said has returned, again reminded confirmed Hou, only found no returned identity documents, although as we for, also forgetThe request for documents, but as a hotel, and shouldn't regulate travel formalities? hope attention! to avoid tenants at the airport only to find no documents of such a serious situation
  • BLADES1111
    Nice hotel in the center of Beijing, really quiet and friendly
  • sun3591233
    With children the elderly experience courtyard. result is happy. room hardware, but the service was very good. good yard environment. quiet security. go out the Wangfujing. There are bus stations. easy to eat.
  • Jealos
    Hotels and leisure, business does not adapt, big room, but comfortable
  • jyx9119
    Associates book, and still feel good! also worth recommending! everything around you can, my colleagues reflect the comfort and hope to have the opportunity to experience!
  • fyiou
    So so
  • wweisea
    Hotel is located in the city center, is near from the Wangfujing pedestrian street, but quiet, the environment is very good, the breakfast is also very good, reception very helpful, great courtyard experience, next time you will choose.