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The Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel (Beijing Jingyuan Yazhu Siheyuan Binguan) is located in the Wangfujing commercial area and only 100 meters from the new Dong'an Market.

Featuring an ancient courtyard-style (Siheyuan style) with private gardens, this Beijing hotel was originally built in the Qing Dynasty as a residence for a high-rank official. Today, the hotel hosts 16 rooms equipped with antique furniture, broadband internet access, safes and refrigerators. Both Chinese and Western style rooms are available.[View Detail]
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  • starvalley
    Very good location, just next to Wangfujing Street, very close to the attractions such as the forbidden city, shopping and leisure, take a subway up to Beijing. Courtyard is quite distinctive, and celebrities.
  • xiaojun927
    The location was excellent, has a courtyard feel, but facilities large hotels are slightly less, service was very good, breakfast variety was too small, price is not high
  • lilian_0413
    Hotel location is very good, but very subtle, the gateway to red, extremely quiet, the room furnishings are solid wood furniture, than star hotels, but WINS in the scenery outside the window.
  • e04426203
    Very good location, convenience, and naozhongqujing. antique courtyard, retro Interior, very unique. breakfast was spot, very good.
  • francoricco
    Very good
  • aben003
    Good location, very convenient, prices can also accept
  • Coco.
    Hotel is very good, recommended.
  • Ltracy
    Zuo Zongtang House, can experience about Beijing of courtyard also is worth of. Jing Park ya built environment is good, Alley out is Wangfujing Street, make in the take static, Garden deep. experience has day luxury suite, staying Shi told due to alley of hot tube is maintenance, here has is fourth days no hot has, hotel provides plate himself electricity kettle to boil water bath. due to no hot of sake, hotel compensation has a disc fruit (peach watermelon), night and children in hospital in theTaste entirely different mood in the gallery ... breakfast here is good, and the child likes, under the shade of a tree in the family garden enjoying feeling really good, suitable for children feel the quiet old courtyard. Jingyuan courtyard as children say, 'everything here is good, I enjoyed it. just can't enjoy a hot bath bathroom beautiful'
  • liao3165
    Friends after moving around the environment is also good, very quiet courtyard. but the room is cool, moist, towels and bath towels for a long time, devices are comparatively old.
  • Donneyu
    Daughter has courtyard plot, so select has this between, Zuo Zongtang of House, hotel address too Rod has, on in Wangfujing side Shang, shopping super convenient, only insufficient is away from Metro station slightly far has points, but itself hotel on in downtown, taxi to where are not far, and now Beijing driver are very good has. hotel room very clean, bath supplies very good, sea fly silk, Shu skin better, Pantene, hot also very good, because is summer, yard in of views very looks,Sitting under a tree in the yard, ate breakfast, watched children, this feeling is felt only in the hutongs of old Beijing! anyway, satisfied + satisfied! next time!
  • eos403
    Hotel location first-class, out is Wangfujing Street. distance Metro mouth has must distance, walk 10 minutes around. from live of place go to Palace 20 minutes. with children go has more than 20 minutes. along views are is good, along moat go of. didn't car. This courtyard is Zuo Zongtang of House, is has old Beijing features. children is happy. breakfast varieties not many, but is delicious. fruit also is fresh. anyway good.
  • bi_rong
    Health super bad towel is rubbed on the floor directly on it, and have pictures to prove it! no feedback is reflected, like no problem, as management has a lot of problems, spoiling General Tso's reputation, wasting national resources! but because of not feeling well, was delayed about two hours checking out this service is commendable!
    The location is very good, near the Wangfujing Street. we three families, the kids had a good time in the yard, adult sat under the big tree to drink tea and chat, likes the casual feel. front desk service is also very good!
  • besttaotao
    Environment is good, to near Wangfujing, make in the take static, Garden deep, ancient tree dense, environment absolute is full marks, is even live two days, two days didn't hot, big v innocent is pain, adults also can with cold water make do make do, children Leng two days didn't wash! most tragedy of last day even cold water also stopped has, even teeth are brush can't, very caught crazy! breakfast good, children like, in Garden in the enjoy feel very good, suitable with children feel old courtyard of quiet, second days to for has a between suite, Head a between for to family do married room has, but second between room apparently than first between small, less has a Zhang sat couch, but price didn't drop, last a day Garden of quiet was this wave married of upset has, everywhere are is people, is regrets, but if next to Beijing, also is to live here of, feel too good, children extremely like!
  • James-007
    Than small and medium
  • lvtopdo
    Breakfast is not much, but it's good espresso, wake up early in the morning. Good, because fewer households, employees know each guest's room number, feel very close to play back every day. Garden hyacinth, rockery, pond, kids loved it. Possession in October, is the first day of a mosquito, after the waiter took the device just fine.
  • dapr529
    Hotels with history, for a variety of activities, not bad
  • xilaila
    Location is very good, I stayed in a Deluxe double room, room with officials. we are 3 girls, so two double beds together, enough to sleep. However, concave down mattress, sleep bad. If you want to get a feel 4 the courtyard, you can try.
  • lieren1984
    Environment is great, very quaint! kids love big yard, old trees. downtown's quiet! Other hotels do not have access to the building, edification and enjoyment of atmosphere and history
  • jeffery_0815
    Transportation is very convenient.
  • Peter Vonnie
    Nice, like it, has a lot of fruit trees in the courtyard, breakfast is made of two beautiful women, very warm, feels like home. is too much room miles away there are some gray, need to clean Oh. overall very satisfied!
  • colisai
    Location, quiet, health services are so backward, towel very bad, bed was very hard, Samsung level! value too low! a waste of such a good location!
  • NY_Ming
    Environment is good, the location and affordable
  • gaillard13
    First, location is good, away from Wangfujing Street 5 minutes on to has. near eat also convenient, opposite of APM has many eat of. is said to have this is Zuo Zhongtang of residence, environment also good. room of area than those chain hotel big some, decoration well, is old points, but live courtyard figure of is a antique well. breakfast is Western of more, because more foreigners live of reasons's. General also is good of.
  • lostin2
    Worth a good
  • dlcat
    Everything good, is the water temperature doesn't work.
  • a way as
    Hotel is quite distinctive and elegant environment, come again.
  • alina9184
    Naozhongqujing good local service personnel not very professional feel of the courtyard is a good super convenient for going out to eat is the Meizhou Dongpo became the dining room very nice
  • gaoxili
    Environment is very good, a morning tea in the courtyard photograph.
  • firstday
    Good location, hotel and health is very clean, very tasteful, very close to the shopping malls, next time you come to live here
  • Jimmy Ng
    Hotels in Wangfujing walking Street North and go shopping, play easy. hotel residence was Zuo Zongtang, vintage, courtyard is large. upon arrival in Beijing the wind, the corridor outside the room door has been ringing all night. the breakfast in the morning is not much, but enough to eat.
  • sundybjfu
  • Gabrlia
    Nice hotel, courtyard
  • leonjj
    Environmental good is General Tso's House.
  • dy1_21
    So it was worth it, took the kids and elderly sleeping bed for the first time, the children excited. market was quiet, breakfast can be eaten in the garden, the feeling is very good very good
  • eric_gu
    All right
  • linlin840912
    Former residence of General Tso's, experience is worthwhile, but poor living room in mind, similar to nanny renovation, and other rooms the price difference is small, cost a bit
  • sww008
    Good location.
  • Jasminelv
    Nice! very quiet, convenient!
  • ariatoni
    Courtyard is nice, location is good, parking is also convenient ... okay.
  • dingxin927
    It's cold,
  • bl7705
  • narutog
    Which is very nice
  • e00097257
    For ancient buildings only, and didn't know how to say it!
  • dongmaoju
    May be the winter cold not change hotel the next morning, pity, that heat might travel better
  • E03215520
  • daineco
    All right
  • pingju
    Nice, room was a bit old, but can experience the courtyard feels
  • jinxg_wx
    Very good, nice courtyard, quiet, go out the Wangfujing Street
  • avayuxin